April 2016

It is striking how many musicians died in the age of 27. So here is an answer. Just imagine you meet the ghost of rock and he says that one decision in your little life could make you a rockstar. The only condition is that you have to die in the end. It would be a contract with the devil. But is it worth it?
Duration   21.40 min
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Status US, MEX, IND DE, PL, BAN, BGR premiered
1st BELLINGHAM MUSIC FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Bellingham, Washington, USA) APRIL 1, 2016
11th KINOKI INT’L FILM FESTIVAL 2016 (Official Selection, México City, México) APRIL 4, 2016
6th DADA SAHEB PHALKE FILM FESTIVAL 2016 (Official Selection, India) APRIL 30, 2016
1st DOC SUNBACK FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Mulvane, Kansas) JUNE 23, 2016
5th NORTH CAROLINA FILM AWARDS (Official Selection, Raleigh, USA) SEPTEMBER 5, 2016
SHORTS 16 – TRINATIONALES FILMFESTIVAL OBERRHEIN (Official Selection, Offenburg, Germany) NOVEMBER 8, 2016
10th INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL GOLDEN ANTEATERS (Official Selection, Lublin, Poland) NOVEMBER 18, 2016
22nd FILMSCHAU BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG (Official Selection, Stuttgart, Germany) NOVEMBER 30, 2016
14th INTERNATIONAL SHORT & INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Dhaka, Bangladesh) DECEMBER 3, 2016
WARSAW SHORT FRAMING (Cinema KADR, Warsaw, Poland) JANUARY 27, 2017
GOETHE INSTITUTE SOFIA (Screening, Sofia, Bulgaria) 2021